Commissioned Commercial and Creative Services. 

I create original photographs, reproductions and Artistic images you can own and reproduce without additional licensing or usage fees at a great value.  We offer a wide range of commissioned photography, portrait, product and content creation services in multiple styles that can separate your branding, website, advertising, business promotion, etc., from the herd of companies and web sites that use the usual stock images. In addition we offer business/online portrait services and you can commission the creation of specific images to decorate your office, restaurant or boardroom which we can deliver as digital files or ready to hang fine art prints printed on fine art paper, metallic paper, sheet metal, glass, canvas, acrylic or wood - or as wall murals/wall paper.  I especially enjoy collaborating with Design, Agency and Creative Professionals  who want their content and web sites to feature original images that achieve a specific purpose.  I invite you to call me and share your vision.